Brain boost morning routine


Although the summer weather and energy is lingering—especially here in sunny California—autumn is already all around us (fall equinox is September 23rd!)—from Pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween decorations on the shelves at CVS to the breezy sweater weather. But I also feel an internal pull towards the change in season. As an air sign, the joy and freedom of summer only lends to my mind moving in every which way. People often associate air sings with air-headedness, and don’t get me wrong—I have NO sense of direction and often get lost in my thoughts. But its less about being "air-headed" and more that thoughts, issues, ideas etc are swirling around every second in my head, creating a LOT of mental chatter. So I often feel drained after the summer season and pretty ready to GROUND DOWN. Anyone feel me on this one?

So, planting seeds and stepping towards change is just what I need! Taming my wild mind with meditation and mindfulness is essential in this time of transformation. Connecting to nature through hiking, hugging trees, laying in the sand, or whatever floats your boat is a wonderful way to get grounded for the fall. I find it to be the best time to set clear intentions and move into conscious action towards these goals. Manifesting what you want for the rest of the year (make quarter four count!) . And this takes mental clarity and focus. 

The book I just finished is all about training your mind to be in alignment with your heart; Into the Magic Shop by James R. Doherty, MD. He explains his journey of learning to relax the body, quiet the mind, open the heart and essentially manifest the life you desire.  With both the power of the brain and the heart, we can step into the challenges and change our lives. A must read! check out for instructions to these exercises. 

Brain Boost Morning Routine


  1. Breath & Meditate— Wake up, take care of nature, then sit for 5 minutes or so to take a couple deeps breaths and set your mind right! I use the app Insight Timer for daily meditations. You can simply use the timer setting or choose a subject for a guided mediation setting.

  2. Set an intention/mantra— Start your day with a powerful intention. I like to focus on one thing per week so it can really settle in. A word or sentence to repeat when I need to slow down. Whether it be “You got this!” or a more concrete goal for work, visualizing yourself in success is powerful. Focusing your mind on something will help you take action in alignment with your goals!

  3. Coconut oil— I am a big fan of bulletproof but I’m dairy-free so I steer away from the butter. So, I just blend coconut oil into my coffee in the morning. The MTC oil in coconuts breaks down into Ketones that the brain can use for fuel. I find is boosts my energy in the morning. It also is great for your digestion and immune system (bc of the lauric acid). An added bonus is helping those fat-soluble vitamins in your multi-vitamin absorb !

  4. Blueberries & Eggs for Breaky— Bluebs!! They are said to help your memory and eyesight. Not to mention all the antioxidants. Eggs are rich in B vitamins which are thought to help reduce brain shrinkage. So eggs don’t only keep your biceps big and strong but also your brain.

  5. Brush your teeth with your left hand— Give your brain a little challenge and try to do simple activities with your non-dominant hand. This is surprisingly hard but will create new patterns in your brain and increase your neuroplasticity. This is true for any new activity! So keep trying new things to create new neural pathways!

Now you’ve powered up your brain all within the hour before leaving for work!

These tips will help you start the day right but you don’t have to stop there. Be social, try new things and act with compassion! James Doherty writes that “authentic social connection triggers the same reward centers in the brain that are triggered when people do drugs, or drink alcohol, or eat chocolate. Loneliness and isolation causes sickness”. So get out there and connect to others instead of reaching for the chocolate bar you know you keep in your purse (or is that just me ?!). Compassion affects the brain and our well-being as well. The only way to truly transform your own life, is to transform the lives of others!

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