Farewell to Summer


Even though the fall equinox came a couple weeks ago, I've been trying to hang on to summer a bit longer. Spending this change over in Phoenix, with the beautiful weather and sun shining, helped me cling to the fancy free feeling I've had the past couple months. A magical summer of travel, new experiences, and an open mind. The last week of September I attended several yoga classes and in almost every one, the teacher spoke about the seasons changing and our lives possibly shifting. This immediately engendered a nervous feeling in my stomach and a tight sensation in my heart. Does autumn mean I have to check back into reality and possibly take myself a bit more seriously? Panicked I started to reflect on my mindset over the past few months, and how I consistently felt reassured about my decisions and why now I thought that might change. Then I realized-nope-no reality check necessary. I can take my summer state of mind into every season. Maybe the sun won't linger but I am in control of my attitude and my future. So embracing change and seeing the leaves change (here in Kansas City) I'm excited for the next couple of months. But I wanted to post my last set of summer photos from the final Wanderlust festival of the summer. In the beautiful Mont-Tremblant. IMG_2680







Hike and photography class with Ali!!

IMG_2732 IMG_2739 IMG_2761 IMG_2779 IMG_2806 IMG_2811

View from the top of the mountain.

IMG_2818 IMG_2826 IMG_2838

Lakeside at Sunset

IMG_8959 IMG_8962 Body art by Amir for the Wanderlust Spectacular!

Posing with the lovely Chelsey Korus & Megan Stockman.

Below with MC Yogi after dancing onstage at his set!IMG_8966

IMG_8975IMG_8974 IMG_8976


























Quixotic killing it on the main stage!

IMG_9002IMG_8993 IMG_8994IMG_9010

And finally a little compilation of the Wanderlust Spectacular show :)



Farewell to summer...