To California, Canada and Back


A summer of traveling but finally getting back to my home state! A California girl at heart, I hope to some day live there again. Although I was starting this trip in Northern California. Lake Tahoe to be exact- a place I oddly had never been to before. Instant happiness and comfort upon arrival. Our hotel was a but dated but felt like a cozy lodge, very friendly staff. The layout of the festival was amazing- nestled in Squaw valley, surrounded by the most majestic looking mountains. Home of the 1960 Olympics and the model for Walt Disney's thunder mountain ride, it was a destination to remember. Delicious restaurants, food vendors, and tents for yoga that complimented the scenery. Not to mention a giant pool atop the mountain.

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I was full of energy on this trip waking up early for classes and stumbling upon some incredible teachers I had no idea about. A few to mention- Jill Knouse from Portland, Oregon and Tori Reynolds and Ben Rivet of GO W/ THE FLOW. Jill's classes were full of heart and her joyful spirit spread through each class- I ended up attending two of her classes over the weekend. The GO W/ THE FLOW concept uses a lopped beatbox to match the breath rhythm  of the vinyasa class-loved it!!

IMG_8553  IMG_8584 IMG_2566IMG_8819

And of course another fun set of shows and teaching!

The next Wanderlust was up in Canada- Whistler to be exact. Another dreamy location-the drive alone from Vancouver to the mountain town blew my mind. It was a busy festival but I made time to explore the surroundings here since there was so much to see. Two gorgeous nearby lakes to swim and do some awesome photo shoots!

IMG_8782 IMG_8745 IMG_8710 IMG_8761 IMG_8768 IMG_8715

Another successful show :)

IMG_8733 IMG_8730 IMG_8718IMG_8914 IMG_8816 IMG_8814 IMG_8798

Photo shoot with Eric Ward

IMG_8797  IMG_8796IMG_8786IMG_8795IMG_8785

And then back to California- the south side this time! For some much needed vacation in San Diego with the boy and his family and one event in LA for Quixotic. San Diego was all about beach and fun-and despite sunscreen I definitely got a little burn because I couldn't get enough of the sun! And my boyfriend-missed him to death!

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And finally to LA-to be a angel and see my hometown :)

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