Wanderlust Aspen


On my walk this morning I stopped by a park and started swinging. A little fair-skinned blonde girl sat next to me and told me her name was Charlotte (my mom's, my grandma's and several of my cousins' name). She was also wearing a yellow dress, which is my favorite color. It was fate. Lately I've been trying to fulfill these childlike urges, because they are just fun and why the heck not? Swinging rocks! That's what it felt like to be at Wanderlust Aspen two weeks ago. A big playground for thousands of adults to get in touch with their inner child. "Grown ups" rolling around in the grass, drinking chocolate coconut milk in the sun, learning how to crawl like animals, dancing in a Bollywood flash mob, and many other activities that you would probably not see on a daily basis. My boyfriend joined me at the festival and together we make the ultimate toddler team. Two rather tall people acting like five year olds together. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Play time. 


Me and Myles on the acro playground

Movement Artistry with the lovely Megan Stockman!


Tie dye and crazy makeup!

IMG_8205 IMG_8208IMG_8199

IMG_2284 IMG_2281 IMG_2315

 Not to mention the gorgeous scenery of mountains, trees, and blue skies! The stage for the spectacular had the most spectacular view :) a backdrop of mountains and a slightly stormy sky gave a beautiful setting for the show. Another performance to remember. A special one for me as many of my phoenician friends were at the festival and my boyfriend smiling brightly in the audience.  He greeted me side stage after the bow with huge grin and a giant hug. Go team! 


Shakti Sunfire (Photo by Beau Campbell)

IMG_8232 IMG_8231

Megan looking fierce with the lightball


Bollywood timeIMG_8234 IMG_8322


(Photos by Ali Kaukas)

A fabulous festival followed by three days of road tripping! So many beautiful places in this world to see. We started the drive on Sunday and definitely made the most of our time. Leaving "colorful Colorado" to check out Utah-a state I had never ventured to before. I was shocked my the enormous red rocks and deep canyons only comparable to those of Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  Our first stop was Arches National Park. We took a scenic drive, stopped for a hike, took some pictures, and headed to the next spot.

IMG_2338 IMG_2329 IMG_2349 IMG_2355 IMG_8335 IMG_8363 IMG_8309 IMG_2350

We made it to Canyonlands National Park just in time for sunset. The rocks looked ablaze and the sky was twelve shades of pink and orange. 

IMG_2370 IMG_2374 IMG_2383 IMG_2372

 Spent the night in Moab, got up bright and early ready for another day of sights and hiking. On the road for four hours to get to the location that was on the top of the list- Antelope Canyon. Goodbye Utah, hello Arizona. It was a bit hard to see the canyon from the road and I was happy we had a tour guide as we were climbing down a ladder into a slit canyon in the desert. Truly one of the most incredible places I have ever seen. Such unique curves in the rock, smooth lines guiding you around corners, and light leaking in casting different colors of orange, red and pink on the stone. The tour guide was amazing, taking photos for each family and informing us about the history of the canyon. Only downfall was his facts about the flash floods that occur and the different snakes we might run into along our path. I was happy to stay at the back of the line as he scared them off with different bird calls. 

IMG_2418 IMG_2426 IMG_2410 IMG_2404 IMG_2394 IMG_8387 IMG_2395

From Antelope to the Grand Canyon. Myles first trip and my second. Another deep canyon at sunset made the perfect closer to the day. 

IMG_2435 IMG_8392 IMG_8391

About to venture on for another four hour drive to Phoenix, two tired travelers decided to shack up in Flagstaff and get some rest. The next morning, we decided to have another adventure and find a forest hike. A little change of scenery from the open desert and red rock. Always finding time for a photo shoot :) Coconino National Forest

IMG_2450 IMG_2464 IMG_2509 IMG_2461IMG_2473IMG_2478IMG_2520IMG_8415 IMG_8414 IMG_2470


Finishing off with a drive through Sedona and making it home to the kitties and a homemade dinner. 

Truly breathtaking. What a great way to put life into perspective.

"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit." - Ralph Waldo Emerson