Wanderlust Vermont


A couple of weeks ago I ventured out to my first experience at Wanderlust. Attending, performing, and teaching all for the first time. My eyes and heart were open wide and eager to start this new chapter in my life. Leaving a comfortable job (actually two comfortable jobs) to satisfy my seven year itch, for a freelance and hopefully free-spirited lifestyle. So far so good. Upon arrival a three days before the festival started, I met all the performers and we dove straight into rehearsals. It was already obvious how talented and passionate each individual was. And unique. And nice- a more nurturing environment than the ballet world.



So, with only only three days to put an entire show together, we worked long hours and had to focus if we wanted to make a cohesive and impactful performance. I think we succeeded. I, at least had one of the most fun performances of my career. High energy, inspiring and light-hearted.




After the opening night show, the energy of the festival only got better. Teaching a roomful of yogis open to exploring the dance world and letting go of any judgment of their own self-expression as well as the others' in the room. All I did was ask everyone to walk across the room in their own style, and I saw rolling, leaping, sliding, and just an openness to creativity. 


I never wanted to leave the Wanderlust bubble. Everyone smiling at each other, helping strangers with handstands, and overall just surrendering to happiness. Thousands of people congregating to celebrate life, courage, and camaraderie. So many individuals committed to growth and awareness. Let's take this feeling "off the mat and into the world" as Seane Corn would say. 


Megan and I performing on the Rue Boheme stage.


DJ Hyfi came to play for our set in the Lululemon D'om!

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Representing Quixotic Fusion quixoticfusion.com


Hannah's set on the MainStage! Megan and I improved to her magical violin!!

WLVermont-33 WLVermont-31 WLVermont-30 WLVermont-25

WLVermont-35 WLVermont-37


SONIC meditation hike with Hannah


IMG_2219 WLVermont-23


Playtime with Cameron Shayne and on the ski lift!

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