ocean is my life


Maybe it's because the weather is so beautiful and summer seems to be rapidly approaching that I am aching to get away. Arizona weekends can feel like a sun-soaked lazy vacay but with responsibilities looming inside the house, it seems wrong to avoid cleaning, papers, work that could be done, while lounging on the patio. Why is relaxation sometimes so hard in close proximity to your home? Plus, the ocean is calling me...can't really beat that soothing sound that lets your mind escape its clutter of thoughts and worries. I have to remember that its only April and not yet summer! But I suppose I can look back on last summer in CA and look forward to the beach and new discoveries there soon! After working in San Francisco last year, my sister and I took our annual road trip down the coast to our hometown. The beach in Malibu is always gorgeous and it was fun to have Sarah come visit. Every time a new friend comes home with me, it's like rediscovering the place I grew up. I introduced her to my favorite spots and was pleasantly surprised to open my own eyes to new places.

Revisiting - All photos taken with my 35mm, no editing



The most beautiful Aven posing at Zuma


IMG_3026 IMG_3069


Exploring hiking in the valley with Sarah. This park was amazing. We climbed to the top of a mountain and down into a valley with a waterfall.


R1-03492-0003 R1-03492-0002 R1-03492-0001

The next stop on our California adventure was Topanga Canyon, where my good friend Evan lives. He took us up to Eagle Rock at sunset. These are some photos at his house and beyond!

R1-03491-0022 R1-03491-0021

Eagle Rock



How can you beat this view with these people?!?!

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