fruit is my life


Since spring is in full swing and summer is approaching, I can't help but craving fruit, fruit, fruit. The heat is definitely on here in Arizona and there's nothing better than biting into a juicy peach or a cold, crisp apple. Since, I need more than just sugar, delicious salads and other light savory meals quench my taste buds--good thing since bikini season is approaching! This gorgeous spread was put together by my crafty sister Smyth for Easter. I could not go home for the holiday but I enjoyed getting numerous food and baby pictures via text message as I was trying to sleep in (my phone is set on some annoying church-like bell). I was very jealous of all that was being cooked, even though I did whip up some top notch french toast for my household. I did not record the beauty of this french toast but I will make sure to perfect it and blog it soon. I did make some very good chocolate covered strawberries! My fruit obbsession is even creeping into my dessert selections. A glass of red wine and chocolate covered fruit? Yes please. Easy enough right? And no one can resist. Melt some vegan dark chocolate, dip, wait with anxious anticipation, and devour!

Aside from fruit, another treat that spring brings is flowers. I can never resist buying flowers when I go to the farmers market. Particularly sunflowers. Sunflowers can make me happy anywhere, anytime. Someone recently asked me if girls really actually liked getting flowers from men...ummmm...really? DUH have some magical effect on us. I'm not even a sappy girl and I obviously welcome flowers from anyone! My sister came to visit a few weeks ago and brought I friend that I had never met. She is a florist and filled our house with the most outstanding lilies and tulips. The best part was that most of the lilies were wee buds when she placed them in vases. Then one by one they opened to reveal the most vibrant colors and life. I didn't even know I liked tulips until that weekend. Yasmine gave me a beautiful bouquet of purple tulips and white lilies. She also made some bad ass vegan cookies that I need to learn how to make and brought vegan challah--I didn't even know it existed and now I'm having dreams about it! Yasmine, you and your good vibes are welcome back anytime for kite flying and yummy food. On to some recipes! Since I am very bad at following instructions, I have a few original concoctions to share. Pizza of course--easy enough. I started with a vegan herb crust (store bought--the lazy way) and loaded it with a bunch of spicy stuff! This chipotle pizza is not for the meek! I covered the dough with a spicy salsa for the sauce, layered it with beet greens, kale, mini heirloom tomatoes, and topped it with red pepper flakes and hot sauce. Not the lightest meal but I think I had a rough day--needed to release my anger through cooking. But the end result was not too bad. Especially the next morning for breakfast! I love me a cold pizza!

Another delicious meal I recently made was an Asian noodle dish. My Aunt Mary made a similar pasta recently and I tried to recreate it with my own flare.


Japanese soba noodles

sesame oil

liquid aminos

wheat free teriyaki sauce

sesame seeds

green onions



I first sauteed some broccoli and spinach with the liquid aminos and green onions. Then I cooked up the buckwheat soba noodles and combined the sesame oil and teriyaki for sauce. Threw on the veggies and topped it with sesame seeds. So simple and soooo good. You can eat it hot or chill it in the fridge for a bit. I served it with mushroom miso soup and a side of seaweed cracker and wasabi peas. A very good Asian meal! I think it was even better the next day once all the flavors of Asia set in!!

Well that's all for now. Going to make some chewy orange, date, oatmeal cookies. Stay tuned.