cabernet is my life


My last night in California. No better way to spend it than drinking some vino and hanging with the family. A mellow way to end a very eventful couple of days. Reflecting on an amazing month and topping it off with a bottle of cabernet. Yellow Tail Reserve in fact. Rich, delicious, and cheap. This glass goes out to my new niece Aven Kennedy Powell-the most beautiful 7 pounds 9.8 oz I've ever seen. A full head of strawberry blonde hair and a pouty mouth to match my sister's-I was sold immediately. My sis called me a baby hog and demanded I let other members of the family hold her. She's just as "fair and radiant" as her name implies.

So cheers to my family and its newest member! And cheers to California- I love you and will miss you dearly as I melt in the Arizona summer heat. Thank god for air conditioning and refreshing beverages! Cabernet is my life.