biscotti is my life


The summer is coming to an end for me. Three more days in southern California before returning to Phoenix. My days for the last month have consisted of yoga, walking my dog, cooking vegan masterpieces with my sister, going to the beach, and drinking wine. No complaints except that it flew by too fast. Got to get back into work/dance mode. But not quite yet. Went to the Santa Monica farmers market yesterday and picked up some of the last crop of nectaplums (a white nectarine crossed with a plum). A serious summer obsession of mine. Sad to see them leave!

A beautiful way to start the day. Accompanied by my sister's vegan biscotti. She recently started selling her baked goods (which are out of this world)! The cinnamon toffee biscotti are her specialty. It is hard to find amazing vegan treats but she surely has the magic touch. All her creations are 100% whole wheat, organic, and delicious. I've been trying to cut back on the coffee but it has proved to be a much harder task than I thought. Especially when the biscotti clearly wants to be dipped in a steaming cup of joe. The Balthazar beans from the Funnel Mill are my favorite right now.

I would share the recipe but it's her secret! I'm not even allowed to stir the dough! Apparently I over-mix. And I also end up eating too much of it :) There are no eggs so I don't see what the big deal is! Until next time...biscotti is my life.